Celebrating 40 Years of Quality and Value...

Johnson Homes is an award winning custom home builder serving Sarasota/Manatee and the surrounding area area since 1973. Our mission is to "build quality homes and long-term relationships" and we have been guided by this principle since we began building custom homes over 40 years ago. By delivering quality, great value, and building with "no surprises" we turn many of our customers into friends as indicated by our testimonials.

A High Standard

Long ago our founder, Arthur C. Johnson would say: “We don’t know what the others do, we only know what we do.” Johnson Homes invites you, the customer, to take a look at our material and construction standards and we think you will agree that Johnson Homes stands with the best in the industry.

All our homes feature high impact, low-e, insulated, windows and sliders. This is not an upgrade; this is the way we build our homes. Our roof decking is 1/2”- 4-ply radiant barrier plywood as a standard if the owner does not choose to upgrade to a spray foam insulation. The garage roof is always constructed with this material known as SolarPly to offer a cooler storage environment. Additionally, we design the garage trusses to accommodate access for storage, then lay down plywood decking and install a metal, retractable attic ladder.

Our exterior walls are insulated with 3/4” urethane panels and our interior walls are insulated for soundproofing. Under the slab, we insulate hot water service with Armaflex, the same material used to insulate the refrigerant lines of your air conditioner outside the home. Concrete floors are steam cleaned before we install carpet to ensure your new carpet starts out on the cleanest possible surface.

Our roofs, whether shingle or tile, use a Peel & Stick roofing membrane; our roof tiles are then secured with a foam set installation, meeting the toughest building code standards in Florida.

Below the roof, your interior ceilings are hung with the added thickness of 5/8” drywall so that your ceiling stays straight and level for years to come.

All the items mentioned above are standard; the way we do business. We adhere to these practices to build a home that both the builder and the customer are proud of. Compare with others and see for yourself that Johnson Homes is among the best in the business for construction standards and practices.

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